Kalispell Auto Body Shops

There are a number of Kalispell Auto Body Shops.  But not all the Kalispell Auto Body Shops do the same thing.

An evolutionary process has occurred in our industry that has created different kinds of auto body shops in Kalispell and elsewhere.  We now seem to be specialists within the auto body repair industry.

We are almost entirely a collision repair shop in Kalispell.  While some kalispell body shops do everything from fender benders to complete restorations and paint shops, we only do collision repair at Collision Craft.  Collision repair has become so technical and so complex, with very expensive equipment requirements and constant continuing education that collision repair is indeed a specialty among Kalispell auto body repair shops.

We refer complete paint jobs and other restoration work to other kalispell auto body shops.

The “Jack of all trades and master of none” title, in my opinion,  is applicable to auto body and collision repair shops.

More manufacturer certifications than any shop in the Flathead Valley

Certified Assured Perfromance
ProFirst Certified
Hyundai Certified
I-CAR Certified
GM Certified
Ford Certified
Kia Certified
MOPAR Certified
Nissan Certified